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SOMO Village hosts SoCo Nexus Make-A-Thon, presented by Sonoma State University

The North Bay Make-A-Thon, a 27-hour party for innovation! Saturday March 5th began with a few demos for available tools and some inspirational industry leader talks. Teams brought materials and tools, yet the event producers worked with teams to provide specialized tools as well.

Teams formed and fleshed out their concepts, after which mentoring, building, and rapid prototyping commenced. As the work progressed, five “progress report points” for the teams to record their progress via social media were posted.

On Sunday, the finalist maker teams presented their creations to a panel of judges, with a $2,500 prize going to the overall winner, as well as SOMO awarding $5,000 for 5 specific art projects.

Also on Sunday was the Makers Expo inviting the public to view the “makes” by the participants and others in the North Bay.